Reviews of Eileen with the Glenn Miller Orchestra

"Eileen Burns was featured as female vocalist, rendering several memorable tunes and doing a great swinging job on Ella Fitzgerald's 'A Tisket A Tasket'."

Rockland County Times


"Eileen Burns demonstrated marvellous voice control and character from the deep and lyrical tones of 'I Know Why' to the more direct and 'out there' resonance of 'That's Sabotage.'"

David Nichols, review of Sarnia, ON concert


"À plusieurs reprises, la talentueuse Eileen Burns a brillamment accompagné l'orchestre, ce qui a grandement ravi l'auditoire."
(English translation) "On several occasions, the talented Eileen Burns brilliantly accompanied the orchestra, which greatly delighted the audience."

QuébecSpot Média


"Eileen Burns...sang one song from the 1940s Glenn Miller Orchestra repertoire...that was very well delivered and really captured the way one remembers a big band singer."

Reviewer Ilania Abileah,