The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Be Building Your Website With WordPress

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“Why would I build a website with WordPress? I’m not a blogger.”

There are a number of very good reasons why WordPress has become such a popular tool for building websites, not just blogs, and why you should consider using WordPress to redesign your website.

1.  WordPress makes it easy for you or anyone on your staff to make updates to the website, no web design or coding experience required.

WordPress Admin Panel

Here’s a view of the WordPress admin panel as I create and update this post.

First of all, you should be aware that in this article, we are not discussing the basic blog that you sign up for through Those blogs are pretty restrictive in terms of how much they can be customized. I am referring to the program that you install from and host on your own server space, That WordPress program is a powerful, customizable CMS (Content Management System). Having a CMS power your website means that once your site is set up, you will have a password-protected admin panel through which you can easily update most of the text and images on your site. If you know how to fill in an online form, you can be your own webmaster, and make changes instantaneously. No need to email a web design company, wait until they have time to make the changes, and then have to pay an expensive bill.


2.  Your site will look great on a cell phone screen, or a laptop, or a tablet, or pretty much any device.

Responsive site

A responsive site will look something like this on a cell phone.

Nonresponsive Site

A non-responsive site may look like this…

Another non-responsive site

…or like this, too small to read, hard to select the links/buttons.

Have you noticed how BAD many websites look when you try to look at them on your smart phone and how difficult it can be to scroll around and get to the information you are looking for? That’s because they aren’t RESPONSIVE. A responsive website is one which resizes and rearranges itself for optimal viewing depending on the screen size. Is your site optimized for mobile use? It should be. As of 2015, mobile had already overtaken the use of traditional computers, and this gap will likely only continue to increase. If your site is difficult to use on a smart phone, you are probably losing a lot of customers.

WordPress sites are automatically built to be responsive and provide a great browsing experience regardless of the device. Want to see the difference between a responsive and a non-responsive site? This site that you are on is responsive. This site is not. If you’re on a phone, you’ll see the difference immediately between a responsive site and one that is not. If you’re on a laptop or desktop computer, you can see what happens as you grab the corner of your browser window and reduce it down to the width of a cell phone. My site rearranges itself, the two-column design becomes one column, and the menu changes to an expandable button, ensuring that on a small touch screen, the user doesn’t have to zoom in and out to navigate or scroll back and forth to read the content, and the menu options are large enough to be easily selected with a fingertip.

3.  You get built-in search engine optimization tools.

SEO companies charge a LOT of money to get your site optimized and listed higher up in the search engine rankings. WordPress includes many free plug-ins that will get your website off to a great head start in getting found on the increasingly crowded internet.

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